Hi, I’m DeVaughn Dames, use my experience to help you as you develop your business and trading skills.

As you can see, I love business in any format. Our goal is that you use all the tools presented on my website to advance the level of your current status. We will have amazing guests on our podcast from around the world, sharing their ideas as to how they got started in business or how they developed their trading skills. Please listen in as they give golden nuggets that you can use immediately in your tool box.

Also, stay tuned in to the podcast about my projects as we go on a journey of learning and caring about every deal made, in the exact manner in which I made them, or their structure. I am very excited to talk about what I do and teach what I do, so please sign up for the newsletter where we will announce all upcoming and completed projects that will blow you away.

I am not perfect, but when I hit a wall, there is always a solution. Sometimes, that solution is to simply get motivated to act, and act now. Let’s all understand that money is not the solution. Understanding the process is more important, the money is a byproduct of the process. So, if you have two measurements of performance, the process will always come first, and the money last.

I am a firm believer in giving a portion of your earnings away if you’re doing well. Part of our blogs will highlight where we are putting money in educating children around the world in the art of finance, business, and trading on the stock markets. For updates on all things business and trading, please subscribe.

Our podcast will broadcast once a week. All podcasts that are odd numbered (1,3,5,…etc.) will be ALL THINGS TRADING, and even numbered podcasts (2,4,6,..etc.) will be ALL THINGS BUSINESS.

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