Need a Motivational Speaker for Your Event?

DeVaughn has a unique gift and ability to speak in any setting, including Fortune 500 companies, large and small businesses, churches, institutions or simply one on one. He is well-versed in the areas of business, finance, motivation, self-reliance, being part of a team, and placement within a vision.

This level of communication is targeted for all individuals that are part of any organization. DeVaughn’s desire for peak performance while leveraging his educational background and business experience will change how most view the world that allows others to ACT.

He believes in the Nike Slogan “Just Do It”.

If you are able to envision success in yourself regardless of your title or position in a company, sitting and communicating with DeVaughn for a short period of your time is going to change your outlook.

There is no magic about what it takes to be the best. So why do so many people struggle? Some of the lessons and stories that DeVaughn utilizes in business and having a balanced life originated from growing up in The Bahamas that can be summed up in one word – AMAZING.

The overall goal of understanding peak performance isn’t only to point at the money that you are able to achieve, but a harmonious relationship with your environment and with others. This will be a constant reminder towards your vision to focus your everyday drive in order for you to be the best version of yourself, and the relationships that grow inwards and outwards simultaneously on the journey.

These massive companies and relationships that we build can become prisons by our own designs. Allow the journey of DeVaughn to be a guide that will help to unmask the truth. If this message has value to you in understanding what it means to be psychologically, financially and emotionally free to unlock your peak performance please contact DeVaughn Dames @ (321) 369-7663 for booking engagements or send us an email.