Phone: 321-369-7663 (office)
Phone: 866-614-1409

Please feel free to contact me through the email address above, phone calls (messages only), Facebook, or LinkedIn. Due to the fact that I am busy, I will make the time to connect via email and occasionally through a return phone call in the continental USA and Canada.

ContactIf I don’t get back to you, please listen to my monthly wrap up podcast where I will highlight some of the correspondence I was unable to reach.

If you know of an individual’s story that is within the realm of business and trading, please email me their information. I would love to reach out to them for a special guest spot on our podcast.

If you want to hire me to speak at your event, I would appreciate the opportunity to talk about your vision and what you want to accomplish together in connecting with your audience. You can email me and in the subject line, please indicate SPEAKING EVENT.