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Hi, my name is DeVaughn Dames, and I am originally from Nassau, Bahamas. I currently reside in Melbourne, Florida and I’m having the time of my life. Recently I have found my purpose, and what I thought was originally was my true passion in life turned out to be a stepping platform that landed me in the career of a lifetime.

About DeVaughnI have a gorgeous wife, two very active children that keep me busy, and a group of friends that support all the crazy adventures that I can imagine.

However, it didn’t start out this way.


I view myself as a business student that is constantly learning about business and its applications. This journey took me to owning a carpet store in Nassau with over 50 employees, getting an accounting degree from University of Miami, starting a real estate company in Melbourne, being an investor in a few companies, and managing a medical company, all while graduating with an MBA in International Business and currently working on my doctoral degree in Global Business.





With all of these educational pursuits, there was still a component missing. I found myself in search of the ultimate business, which led me to the doors of Wall Street and understanding how to day trade successfully for growth. I designed my own strategy using all of my business concepts and applied those to trading.


Growing up in the Bahamas was a beautiful experience, and I have seen the best and the worst of all my business ideas. However, what strikes me the most from a global stance is the visibility of poverty. I want to do something that will impact the world, starting with my own country of origin. Why are we led to believe that there is a shortage of money in the universe? Most specialists would say it’s due to the lack of education, but I disagree.

Education is a good place to start, but why don’t we use the concept that each one teach one. My job is to help others clearly understand this concept by using my stories and experiences as a guide. I am here to serve and give the information according to my personal experiences. If I teach one, then I can have a global impact.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I look forward to communicating via my podcasts, blogs, or at events that I attend where I give my business advice freely.

Our Team


mem_bio-300x200I love what I do, and the fact that it makes me the author of my destiny gives me great joy. As I mentioned before, I wanted to start a process to identify a way out of financial distress for others by having a plan that will give them the tools and understanding to grow their business and money. No one can manage your company or money better than you. I believe that taking the time to see where you are putting your investment dollars is important to your success. There is no greater investment than investing in you and your education.

My father (Charles Dames) was instrumental in my business life, work ethic, and decision making. As he is no longer with us, it is my job to continue the dream and pass on what he taught me. The lessons I learned in the Bahamas on Wulff Road with my dad and operating independently from him was the foundation that led me to the gateway of business in USA, then to a passion for trading stock. Looking back, it is amazing how those skills were easily transferred to understanding what it takes to win.

This e-commerce business is a passive arm to additional revenues, and it is a new business development that I’m passionate about, just like trading.

Review the monthly reports of how I divide each business into a perspective of connectivity to invest further into other projects in growing and selling your way to retirement. I will not only show how the trading account is growing, I will also show how the medical company is growing, how the real estate company is growing, how the trading account is growing, and how the e-commerce is growing as we elaborate on the structure of a deal from the beginning. So please review the monthly reports for the updates on the fifth day of every month.

Linda Ellsworth


Linda, a graduate of Burdette Business School, has over 25 years’ experience as a finance and business management professional, working in all accounting systems: AP/AR/Credit/Collections/Cash Management, forecasting and tax preparation. She is a detail oriented, efficient and organized professional with excellent verbal communication, organization, and negotiation skills. Additional skills include sales, marketing, and trade show presentations.

Alex Marrow


Alex has been a key player within the realm of creating and editing content, social media marketing, and helping the business reach its highest potential in a variety of ways. Alex received her degree in Editing, Writing, and Media from FSU in 2014, and she hopes to expand her skills into the business world and beyond.


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